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707 Exclusive I-Tip (20g)

$60.00 - $110.00
$60.00 - $110.00

Our 707 Exclusive Brand is made of naturally wavy hair providing you with soft, full, and effortless body from top to bottom. This exclusive line is hand-picked with thorough inspection to deliver the highest quality hair to suit your natural tresses. No heat or glue is used during application making this technique a must-have! For more information on how to use I-Tip extensions, get certified in our Digital Class! 

Hair type: 100% Human Remy Hair 

Heat styling: Less is more! Heat up to 370°F to keep hair healthy 

Recommended amount: 

*Each 707 Exclusive I-Tip package contains (10.7 oz bundle 

5-8 bundles for full-head application 

1 pack of Protubes or Silicone-lined Protubes 

How to apply: 

  1. Gather a section of hair where extension will be applied.  

  1. Use Loop Needle or Pro Pulling Needle to thread tube onto hair. (Recommendations: Have multiple needles on hand) 

  1. Insert I-Tip extension bond into tube. (*Pro Tip: Match tube to root color) 

  1. Firmly press tube flat using Pro Release Plus and repeat process until desired look is achieved! 

Weight: 20g / 0.7oz per bundle

14" contains 40pc.
18" contains 33pc.
22" contains 29pc.
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