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909 I-Tip

$71.67 - $114.66
$71.67 - $114.66
  • Description

    909 I-Tip provides natural movement without heat or adhesives. 909 hair is known for its refined and silky texture, perfect for those with fine hair seeking an elegant enhancement to their hairstyle. It can be reused up to 3-4 times, making them a client favorite!

    *This item is FINAL SALE 

    Hair type: 100% Human Remy Hair 

    Heat styling: Less is more! Heat up to 370°F to keep hair healthy 

    Recommended amount: 

    *Each 909 I-Tip bundle contains 28g

    5-8 bundles for full-head application 

    1 pack of Protubes or Silicone-lined Protubes 

    How to apply: 

    1. Gather a section of hair where extension will be applied.  

    1. Use Loop Needle or Pro Pulling Needle to thread tube onto hair. (Recommendation: Have multiple threading needles on hand) 

    1. Insert I-Tip extension bond into Protube. (*Pro Tip: Match tube to root color) 

    1. Firmly press tube flat using Pro Closer and repeat process until desired look is achieved! 

  • Weight: 28g

    14" = 60pcs
    16" = 55pcs
    20" = 50pcs
    22" = 40pcs

    Body Wave:
    16" = 55pcs
    20" = 50pcs