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  • Microtip®
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  • Description

    The smallest extension is making the biggest difference! Microtip® extension have been specially designed to be applied to your client’s hairline, bangs, and crown. With only 30 hairs attached to each bond, Microtip® extensions can be applied to both women AND men who need more volume and coverage. For more information on how to use Microtip®, get certified in our Digital Class! 

    Hair type: 100% Human Remy Hair 

    Heat styling: Less is more! Heat up to 370°F to keep hair healthy 

    Recommended amount: 

    *Each Microtip® package contains (1) 0.7 oz bundle 

    1 bundle or less for targeted application 

    1 pack of Microtubes 

    How to apply: 

    1. Pull one Microtube towards looped end of tube string. 

    1. Place tube string against scalp where extension will be applied. 

    1. Use hooked end of Pro Pulling Needle to gather a section of hair.  

    1. Place section through looped end of tube string and pull string downward and hair through tube. 

    1. Insert Microtip into tube. (*Pro Tip: Match tube to root color) 

    1. Firmly press Microtube using Pro Closer and repeat process until desired look is achieved! 

    Maintenance: Lasts 4-6 weeks

  • Weight: 19g / 0.7oz bundle
    10" 150pc.
  • Pro Pulling Needle
    Pro Micro Release