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Our Hair


The Hair Shop stands by its high quality standards and continues to serve the beauty industry with innovative products and methods. All of our 100% human hair can be found in 5 different textures to best fit your desired style. The Hair Shop also provides a wide variety of brands that will best match your unique hair structure; whether it’s fine or thick dense strands. Come to a Hair Shop location near you or speak with a representative through the phone and consult with an extension professional to find your best match! 



707© only comes in Natural Bodywave texture because it is the least treated. Its fine framework is the most common sort of structure and serves as a great additive to any bouncy beach curl. 707 curl patterns differ because it is organically selected from high quality Indian Temple hair.
707 Exclusive is hand-picked from only the youngest and healthiest strands from Indian Temple hair
808© is ideal for medium thickness structured hair, this is the most demanded brand because it blends well and creates a thickness and texture you desire.
808exclusive.jpg 808 Exclusive brand is cuticle intact, premium quality hair structured in thick strands. Its guaranteed to retain full moisture and have less breakage for the most natural look and blend that will have your clients asking for this luxury hair every time!
909© is a refined and silky texture that provides the elegant hair flow you’re looking for. This brand resembles European texture because it is meant for women with fine hair structure.
909 Exclusive is carefully handpicked from the youngest and heathiest Indian and Asian strands; it is skillfully crafted for the finest and silkiest of hair patterns.



Like your own natural hair, our gently treated hair extensions will form a slight wave as you wash so that it blends flawlessly with yours. Silky straight hair comes in our 808©, 909© and 909 Exclusive Brands (method and length will vary)


 This is a silken ‘S’ shaped extension that adds body and texture to nearly all wavy hair types! The Bodywave texture is lightly permed to maintain its figure within washing. Bodywave is available in our 808©, 909© and 909 Exclusive Brands (method and length will vary) 


 Our newest addition exclusively in the 707© Brand! This hair texture is the least processed-- providing fullness, dimension, and natural balance for almost any hair type and texture. 


 A deeper perm for a tighter curl pattern, whether you have finer structured hair or a thick luscious bounce, our Deepwave extensions are also available in 808© and 909© extensions (method and length will vary)



RAW MATERIAL: Our process begins with gathering the rawest form of hair from areas in India and China. Carefully, we begin to filter only the healthiest of strands whose cuticles go in one direction for longest lasting results.
HAIR CUTICLES: To ensure high quality everything already selected from the healthiest strands goes through cuticle alignment inspection to assure it is all Remy. (Not all of our competitor’s Remy hair is “good quality”!)
SPECIAL TREATMENT: Our de-pigmenting process is executed under careful observation and precision as to minimize damage to the hair.
HAND CRAFTED: Finally, trained hair professionals perform appropriate procedures depending on method—from hair sewn onto wefts, Keratin attached for I-tip or Keratip©, to hair hand knotted for Skinwefts. Everything is done by hand and individually to assure hair extension quality in every batch.