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Ponytail Tutorials

Ponytail Tutorials
The Brunch Pony
The Brunch Pony

Step 1: Curl your natural hair in loose waves

Step 2: Section hair diagonally in four sections around the hairline

Step 3: Clip each 7PC extension upside down

Step 4: Bring all hair up to a mid ponytail and secure with a hair tie

Pro Tip: Use fingers to dust front hairs forward for an undone look

Achieved the look using one pack of 7PC Clip-ins 18” Straight #124

The Boss Pony
The Boss Pony

Step 1: Clip 6PC extension set and curl with a 1" curler per section with extensions applied

Step 2: Brush curls into a low, sleek ponytail

Step 3: Tie hair

Pro Tip: Place extensions below rim of head, keep focus on the back of head and curl everything in the same direction

Achieved the look using one pack of 6PC Clip-ins 18” Straight #826

The Revenge Pony
The Revenge Pony

Step 1: Blow dry hair straight and away from face

Step 2: Brush natural hair into a high ponytail

Step 3: Wrap the 808 Weft tightly and secure with bobby pins

Step 4: Touch up the hairline with hairspray and a small bristle brush for a snatched finish

Pro Tip: Use double sided tape to secure the weft tight at every wrap

Achieved the look using one 3oz pack of 808 Weft extensions 22” Straight #T6/184/16