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Smart Tabs® Get Started Kit


The all-in-one pack to get you started on your tape-in journey! The Smart Tabs Starter Pack contains the bestselling Smart Tabs in your choice of color set and the tools needed to achieve the quick and effortless application you have been looking for. For more information on how to use Smart Tabs®, get certified in our Digital Class!

This set contains:

- (10) Smart Tabs® Tape-in Extensions

- 3.4 oz / 100 ml Tape-in Remover

- (2) Smart Tabs® Tape

- 4-pk. Metallic Shark Clips

- Pin Tail Comb

Color Set Options:

Black – (10) 1B

Warm Blonde – (4) 14/22, (3) 124, (4) 184

Cool Blonde – (3) 60, (4) 18/22, (3) 826

Brown – (4) R2-479, (4) 479, (2) 4

Hair type: 100% Human Remy Hair

Heat styling: Less is more! Heat resistant up to 370°F to keep hair healthy

Recommended amount: Contains 10 packs for full-head application

How to apply:

  1. Use a Pin Tail Comb to gather a clean straight section of hair where Smart Tab will be applied.
  2. Remove backing from adhesive and place one Smart Tab under section with tape facing upward.
  3. Lay sectioned hair over Smart Tab adhesive and remove backing from second Smart Tab.
  4. With adhesive facing downward, evenly align second tab to bottom tab and press together.
  5. Use Pro Tape-in Press to seal bond.