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Rewards FAQ

  • How do I earn points online & in-store?

    To earn points for any online purchase, make sure you are logged into your account before checking out. This ensures that you are credited points for your purchase after your order has shipped.

    To earn points for any in-store purchase, simply login to your account, scan your receipt, and we will review and approve any qualifying purchases you’ve made. Please note: points will only be awarded to purchases made within the last 30 days.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    To redeem points online, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you are logged into your account in which you'd like to apply the points from.
    2. After you have added all items to cart, proceed to checkout as usual.
    3. In the payment field option, you can select how many points you want to redeem and the code will automatically be applied to your order.

    *PLEASE NOTE: All codes redeemed cannot be reversed. Codes will expire within 30 days from redemption and are redeemable for online use only.

  • When will my points appear in my rewards account?

    For online purchases, points will be credited into your account immediately after your order has shipped. (*Depending on the number of orders we receive, please allow up to 24-48 hours for your points to reflect in your account.)

    For in-store purchases, a valid receipt must be uploaded for approval. If receipt is approved, points will be credited into your account immediately. Please allow up to 2 business days for your points to reflect in your account. (For questions regarding receipt uploads, visit our Upload a Receipt FAQ page here.)

  • How do I achieve the next tier status?

    All new members begin under the ‘Inspired’ tier. After that tier, to reach the next status members will need to meet the minimum spend threshold to be automatically upgraded into the next tier within the qualification period (as long as account does not exceed one year of inactivity). Please allow up to 30 days for your new tier to reflect on your rewards account.

    For example: Reaching ‘Enthused’ status requires a minimum spend of $500. Reaching ‘Obsessed’ status requires a minimum spend of $2,000. Reaching ‘Addicted’ status required a minimum spend of $5,000.

  • What happens to my points when I return an item?

    Your points that were earned from your purchase will be deducted from your points balance totaling the amount that was returned. If you return an order in which you redeemed rewards points for a discount, the points you used to redeem the discount will be added back to your account.

  • Will my rewards points expire?

    Points will expire after one year of inactivity. Inactivity means not interacting with The Rewards Shop such as placing an order to earn points, redeeming points, etc. To maintain points balance, simply shop like you always do and get rewarded for it.

    *PLEASE NOTE: The Rewards Shop account is individual and points cannot be transferred.