Professional Extensions

Smart Tabs® Tape-ins

Meet the extension that’s taking the industry by storm! Smart Tabs® are seamless to the touch, lightweight, and easy to reuse. Ideal for almost all hair types, Smart Tabs® can be applied in as little as 30 minutes and your client will have 2 months of wear per application.

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Skinweft Tape-ins

You cant get more natural than this! Our Skinweft Tape-In's are handcrafted to ensure the most naural look. Each hair is knotted onto a silicone band making the extension tab look like it's naturally grown out of your own scalp!

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I-Tip extensions are a favorite in the salon! These extensions will provide your clients with natural movement and a lightweight feel. No heat or glue is used during application making this technique a must-have!

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The smallest extension is making the biggest difference! Microtip® extensions have been specially designed to be applied to your client’s hairline, bangs, and crown. With only 30 hairs attached to each bond, Microtip® extensions can be applied to both women AND men who need more volume and coverage.

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Otherwise known as fusion extensions— Keratip® provide your clients with natural movement and an invisible bond! Our Super Keratin formula ensure a slip-free extension experience with application lasting 3 months or more!

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One-Step Weft

Exclusively from The Hair Shop, One-Step Wefts are a stylist’s dream come true! The beaded-track technique allows for fast application and a full voluminous look your clients will love. One Step Weft extensions are a go-to-choice for clients with medium to thick hair.

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The original extension technique that’s fully customizable to fit your clients’ needs! Wefts are a “track” of hair that can be applied by beads, braid & sew technique, tipped into individuals, or even made into clip-ins. The possibilities are endless!

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