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Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)

$55.00 - $85.00
  • Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)
  • Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)
  • Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)
  • Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)
  • Skinweft Tape-in 4-pc Pack (16g)
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$55.00 - $85.00
  • Description

    *Bundle Promo: Buy 6 Skinweft Tape-Ins (4-pc) packs and get 15% off each Skinweft item


    Change is good! Our NEW Skinweft Tape-Ins 2.0 feature a modified weft that is machine-knotted vs. our classic hand-tied, making this update more natural and durable. Ideal for those with thick, dense hair. 

    Our 2.0 version will only be available in Straight and limited to select colors.


    You can’t get more natural than this! Our Skinweft Tape-Ins are handcrafted to ensure the most natural look. Each hair is knotted onto a silicone band making the extension tab look like it's completely natural! 

    Hair type: 100% Human Remy Hair 

    Heat styling: Less is more! Heat up to 370°F to keep hair healthy 

    Recommended amount:  

    12 full-size sandwiches for full-head application (24-pcs) 

    How to apply: 

    1. Use a Pin Tail Comb to gather a clean straight section of hair where tape-in will be applied. 

    1. Remove backing from adhesive and place one Skinweft Tape-in under section with tape facing upward.  

    1. Lay sectioned hair over adhesive and remove backing from second Skinweft. 

    1. With adhesive facing downward, evenly align top tab to bottom tab and press together. 

    1. Seal bond with Pro Tape-In PressRepeat the process until desired style is achieved. 

    Maintenance: Lasts 6-8 weeks (Reuse 2-3 times)

    *Please note: Hair washing may slightly change Body Wave hair texture over time


  • 1
  • Weight 16g / .15 oz pc
    Hair is hand tied with a width of 2.75"
  • Pin Tail Combo
    Pro Tape-In Press
    Skinweft Tape